Can I afford this?

Peninsula Counseling does not accept insurance for many reasons. First, insurance providers require a diagnosis even if the client does not meet full criteria. I do not believe in giving a diagnosis to someone to whom it doesn’t apply because these diagnoses become a part of the person’s permanent medical file. Secondly, insurance providers restrict the number of sessions they will cover, or only begin covering sessions after a client’s deductible is met. Peninsula Counseling is built on meeting regularly and for as long as needed. I do not want to be restricted by the demands of insurance providers. Because insurance is not accepted, everything is private; any and all notes or treatments protocol(s) will remain utterly confidential.

Here at Peninsula Counseling we want to have the freedom to work together for as long as needed so that you might achieve your goals.

Sessions cost $100 per meeting (50 minutes), and are expected to be paid by cash or check or using Venmo or Zelle.